The Summer Collection

Shopping is the best part of life and shopping for sleeping is the best part of the day, but a comfortable sleep depends on your sleepwear and how comfortable it is. Sleepwear these days is a huge part of “self-care” among people. To make your night better, we bring you a new collection specially for this season, and our new summer collection has a wide variety of comfortable sleepwear, headbands, and scrunchies. The variety in this collection gives you both, Fashion and comfort.  

The summer collection includes: 

                                                        The collection includes various loungewear and night dress choices that include, a wide range of  linen, the stone/boski linen used for these  products is the best choice for extra comfort in summers. You can choose from various top style,  whether you want to go full sleeves, half sleeves, or sleeveless is up to you. From Hundreds of varieties, you have a lot to choose from, whether it’s Leopard linen or Polka dot Linen, you get comfort and customization in every product. But that’s not just it. The summer collection also brings robe sets, bags, headbands & scrunchies.

  1. Scrunchies:

With hair ties, rough hair is always a problem but with the premium quality silk  of these scrunchies, fastening all kinds of hair is easy and comfortable, and with the wide variety of colors, you never have to worry about not-matching.

  1. Headbands:

Keeping in mind everyone’s preferences, and some people may want something different, our summer collection also includes silk headbands, again with a wide variety of colors and quality material for fastening all types of hair.

  1. Robes & Robe Sets:

After a tiring day, or on a weekend, we just want to be comfortable at our homes, and for your comfortable weekends, our new collection also brings robes for comfortable loungewear. Whether you want a three-piece mulberry silk robe set or a simple velvet robe, you have a wide variety to choose from, green velvet robe or black velvet robe, you can choose what suits you best, and what makes you comfortable.

  1. Summer Linen Collection:

This collection includes two-piece summer linen night dresses, with a choice of matching headband and scrunchy to go with them. There is a huge variety of comfortable products  in this collection, and it comes with a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

  1. Mulberry Silk Collection:

The silk collection includes a wide variety of comfortable silk rob sets, loungewear,  headbands and scrunchies, all the while keeping in mind the difference of fashion choices, this collection also comes in different styles, prints  and colors to choose from.


With every season, a new collection is a must have, and we all hate searching through the internet or roaming around malls for each product and variety, but with ELORA by M you don’t have to search the internet for each product, ELORA by M keeps their store up to date with latest fashion wear so you can shop with ease whiles resting in the comfort of your home.. Each product comes in a different variety of prints, styles and colors. Whether you need a two-piece loungewear or a three-piece robe set with scrunchies or headbands, clutches or bags, you can find it all in one place, all with different varieties, This latest summer collection is on sale right now, get your hands on quality silk and linen loungewear, check the sale out now here

This was our detailed information about our summer collection but that’s not all we have, for more products like jewelry, Bags & clutches, Long dresses & Maxis and Men’s wear, you can visit the store’s website



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